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November 2016 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to the November issue of The Ophthalmologist. Upfront includes news on how the Mediterranean diet protects against AMD, reports on a study on whether ILM peels really improve outcomes in ERM surgery, and the use of OCT-A for monitoring, diagnosing and staging glaucoma. In My View features Philip Rosenfeld on the importance of getting clinical trial designs right – getting it wrong impacts everyone – and Ivan Goldberg highlights the issue of patient non-adherence in glaucoma management. Our cover feature sees BJ Dupps herald a revolution in refractive surgery, driven by precision corneal biometry, biomechanics, and computer simulation. In Practice sees Paul Tornambe review pneumatic retinopexy, and in NextGen, Luca Gualdi describes an electrifying new workout for the ciliary muscles as an early presbyopia treatment. Profession sees Dawn Sim explain why ophthalmology needs to see the bigger picture and implement new technologies to improve patient care, and finally, we Sit Down With co-inventor of OCT, and totally COOL guy, David Huang.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Profession Other

Embrace the Unknown

| Mark Hillen

Strength lies in combining our differences, not by hanging on to our similarities.

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Hard Graft

| Ruth Steer

Might crosslinking patch grafts placed during GDD implantation eliminate conjunctival erosions?

Subspecialties Retina

Club Med

| Ruth Steer

Adopt the Mediterranean diet, cut the risk of developing AMD.

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

The Multi Drop Doctrine

| Ruth Steer

Waiting between eyedrop instillations: dogma or duty?

Subspecialties Retina

To Peel or Not to Peel?

| Roisin McGuigan

Does peeling the ILM when removing the ERM lead to better outcomes? That is the question.

Subspecialties Glaucoma

High On a Low Supply?

| Mark Hillen

OCT angiography discriminates between POAG, NTG and normal patients.

Business & Profession Professional Development

This Month in Business

| Ruth Steer

Acquisitions, approvals, new appointments… and more.

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

The Artificial Vision Endgame

Skip the retina and the optic nerve – and stimulate the brain directly.

Subspecialties Retina

More Than the Sum of its Parts

Pegpleranib in combination with ranibizumab found to work better than ranibizumab alone.

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Image of the Month

Mouse eyelid showing muscle, hair follicles, epithelium and a cactus-like gland.

Subspecialties Retina

The Right Design

| Philip Rosenfeld

Successful clinical trials - it’s all about the endpoints, says Philip Rosenfeld.

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Dropping the Ball

| Ivan Goldberg

Non-adherence is a bigger threat to optimal outcomes than missed appointments in glaucoma management

Business & Profession Imaging & Diagnostics

Refractive Surgery's Personalized Revolution

| William J. Dupps Jr

A better understanding of corneal biomechanics will transform how we approach refractive surgery.

Subspecialties Retina

The Importance of Good PR

| Paul Tornambe

Pneumatic retinopexy – an effective, inexpensive alternative to vitrectomy and scleral buckling?

Subspecialties Retina

PR – 10 Steps to Success

| Mark Hillen

Pneumatic retinopexy – an effective, inexpensive alternative to vitrectomy and scleral buckling?

Subspecialties Professional Development

Adding Another String to Your Bow

| Inder Paul Singh

How and why I started offering laser vitreolysis at my practice.

Business & Profession Refractive

Shock Treatment

| Luca Gualdi

Can electrostimulation of the ciliary muscle delay early presbyopia?

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Dry Eye Clinical Trials

| Ruth Steer

An analysis of dry eye clinical trials.

Business & Profession Professional Development

Taking Control

| Robert Melendez

Managing your online reputation is key, but what about your offline reputation?

Business & Profession Retina

See the Bigger Picture

| Dawn Sim

How do we improve information sharing between eyecare professionals?

Business & Profession Glaucoma

Everybody be COOL

| David Huang

We Sit Down With David Huang, Peterson Professor of Ophthalmology at OHSU.

Business & Profession Professional Development

On a Mission

| David Huang

We Sit Down With Hugh Taylor, President of the International Council of Ophthalmology.

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Dual Blade, Single Purpose

Malik Kahook on the Kahook Dual Blade.

Business & Profession Refractive

Evolutionize your Practice…

Highlights from Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG’s Satellite Symposium, held at ESCRS 2016.

Subspecialties Retina

The Clinical Advantages of SS OCT Angio™

| Sponsored by Topcon Healthcare

A summary of the Topcon-sponsored satellite symposium held at Euretina, Copenhagen, September 2016.

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