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February 2016 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to February’s issue. Upfront’s topics range from AMD genetic testing, to why some (but not all) astronauts experience eye problems. In the cover feature, Mynosys’ Chris Keller and David Sretavan tell their story of the potentially hugely disruptive Zepto capsulotomy device. In Practice has Juan Mura’s top tips for removing rock-hard cataracts, and Garry Condon looks at the potential benefits of silicon I/A tips for phaco. Peter Barry discusses the EUREQUO registry in Profession, and finally, we Sit Down With Claes Dohlman, the Cornea Colossus

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Profession Professional Development

An Exposure Epiphany

When you want your work to be read, how well are you actually served by most journals?

Business & Profession Professional Development

All Change at Alcon

Novartis annex ophthalmic drug business; Jeff George replaced by Mike Ball

Subspecialties Retina

You Down with 4-AP?

It’s not enough to regrow the optic nerve: to generate functional vision, you have to restore conduction too

Business & Profession Professional Development

No Shrinking Violets

Gender gap in vision science is shrinking – what will the next generation of vision scientists look like?

Business & Profession Professional Development

The Ophthalmologist Power List 2016

Cataloging the 100 most influential people in ophthalmology today

Business & Profession Basic & Translational Research

Bring Out Your Dead

The number of people donating their eye tissue for research purposes keeps on falling – why?

Business & Profession Other

(Ophthalmic) Space Oddity

Visual changes are a major risk in long-term spaceflight – but why are some astronauts more affected than others?

Subspecialties Retina

To Test or Not to Test?

How do rare genetic variants affect AMD risk for people with a familial history of the disease, and is genetic testing warranted?

Business & Profession Cataract

Disruption! Inspired by Squid Suckers and Spot Welders

The definitive story of Zepto: from conception to capsulotomy

Subspecialties Cataract

Hard Rock Cataract

| Juan Mura

Ten ways to ensure rock-hard cataracts don’t put you on a Highway to Hell

Subspecialties Cataract

The Soft Touch

| Garry Condon

Can irrigation/aspiration tips made from silicone help reduce capsular complications during cataract surgery?

Subspecialties Imaging & Diagnostics

Benchmarking OCT

What does analysis of the last five years of literature on optical coherence tomography tell us about the priorities of the field, and the contributors to it?

Subspecialties Cataract



The records of over one million cataract surgeries make the EUREQUO registry uniquely placed to yield answers in the ongoing femto vs. phaco debate

Subspecialties Professional Development

The Cornea Colossus

Sitting Down With... Claes Dohlman, Emeritus Professor of Ophthalmology, Harvard Medical School, USA.

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