Having finished editing my conversation with Ugandan ophthalmologist Gladys Atto, I had just one task left: finding the right title for the piece. These titles sometimes come to me naturally when I listen back to interview recordings, but this time I was struggling to find the right words to convey the importance of the work Atto is doing in her corner of the world. As one of only 45 ophthalmologists in her country, she is obviously unique in what she does, but I wanted to check how unique exactly, so I googled the population of Uganda. Search result: just over 45 million. She is quite literally… One in a Million. I hope you enjoy reading this piece as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you!

Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor

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Developments in Monofocal Intraocular Lenses to Achieve Extended Depth of Focus: Lucio Buratto and Manuel Domingues compare premium presbyopia correcting IOL results with outcomes achieved with enhanced monofocal IOL options, and Alastair Stuart shares his experience with Rayner’s RayOne EMV IOL. Read more

One in a Million
02/03/2022 | Aleksandra Jones
Sitting Down With… Gladys Atto, ophthalmologist at Moroto Regional Referral Hospital, Moroto, Uganda
Varied Views on VUITY
02/06/2022 | Aleksandra Jones
What do refractive experts think about the recently approved presbyopia
eye drops?
Two Years On
02/07/2022 | Aleksandra Jones
On the second anniversary of Li Wenliang's death, we remember the brave novel coronavirus whistleblower
Eyes on the Tries
02/04/2022 | Geoffrey Potjewyd
We interview Dan Morris, the Welsh Rugby Union match day
ophthalmologist on sports ophthalmology and the Six Nations Championship.
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