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October 2013 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Cataract

The Ophthalmologist’s Superpowers

| Mark Hillen

Interventions by ophthalmologists have an incredible power to improve – and extend – lives. As superpowers go, it’s not quite laser vision, but it’s close enough!

Subspecialties Retina

Improving on Anti-VEGF

| Sophia Ktori

In an animal model of ischemic retinal disease, a single Ang1 injection suppresses vascular leakage and stimulates blood vessel formation

Subspecialties Cataract

Cataract Surgery Prolongs Life

| Mark Hillen

The benefits of cataract surgery extend well beyond improvement in visual acuity, according to results from a recently-published study by Australian researchers

Subspecialties Refractive

Is Clear Lens Extraction Madness?

| Mark Hillen

Should patients with presbyopia be swapping their natural lens for a multifocal IOL?

Business & Profession Refractive

Back in the Game

| Mark Hillen

Can Hoya IOLs regain market position after being withdrawn for the best part of a year?

Business & Profession Other

Statins Protect Against Cataracts

| Sophia Ktori

A meta-analysis turns the premise that statin use increases the risk of cataract development on its head

Subspecialties Retina

To Cure AMD, First Define It

| Gregory Hageman

Striking variation in its presentation, progression, genetics and biology suggest that AMD may be a collection of closely-related conditions.

Subspecialties Retina

So That’s What the Choroid Looks Like!

| Fedra Hajizadeh

Enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography has allowed high-quality imaging of the choroid for the first time, with wide implications for patient outcome.

Business & Profession Retina

Genuine Telescopic Vision

| David Keegan

Why I offer implantable miniature telescopes (IMTs) to my patients with bilateral end-stage macular degeneration.

Subspecialties Retina

Snappy Snaps

| Scott Mackie

Screening macular pigment density aids early detection of age-related macular degeneration. Here’s a guide to a snappy one-minute test using autofluorescence spectrometry.

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

A Shock to the System

| Florian Gekeler

Can transcorneal electrical stimulation help reverse retinal degeneration in retinitis pigmentosa? Ongoing clinical trials suggest that it may.

Business & Profession Business and Innovation

The Doors of Perception

| Mark Hillen

Google Glass is the latest iteration of wearable computers that use head-up displays. Here, we examine how it works and assess the potential contribution that Glass might make in the ophthalmology clinic.

Business & Profession Professional Development

Ten Tips for Successful Hospital Management

| Caroline McHugh

These simple, clever tips crystallize several years’ worth of experience in the development and operation of a modern eye hospital. You may know some of them already – but there’s likely at least one you don’t.

Business & Profession Professional Development

Things I’ve Learned the Hard Way

Advice for young ophthalmologists on navigating the early stages of their careers in practice, in business, and in life.

Business & Profession Professional Development

A Serendipitous Slip

Sitting Down With Daniel Palanker, Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, School of Medicine, and Hansen Experimental Physics Laboratory, Stanford University

Business & Profession Other

Clinical Use of a New Position-independent Icare rebound tonometer

To compare intraocular pressure (IOP) measurements obtained by rebound tonometry (Icare PRO tonometer)

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