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Professional Development

Business & Profession Health Economics and Policy

The Dangers of Talking to Artificial Strangers…

| Jed Boye | 4 min read

ChatGPT may be the trendy new AI to talk to but how willingly should clinicians be welcoming it into their practices?

Business & Profession Health Economics and Policy

Think Globally, Act Locally

| Jon Greenaway | 2 min read

The vital importance of global thinking in ophthalmology

Business & Profession Professional Development

Tech Supports

| Imran Rahman | 4 min read

Incorporating technology and increased digitization is key to curbing the UK National Health Service’s crisis

Business & Profession Other

The Ophthalmologist’s Time Machine: Chapter 10

| Stephen G. Schwartz, Christopher T. Leffler, Andrzej Grzybowski | 3 min read

One-Eyed Warriors: Horatio Nelson

Business & Profession Practice Management

TOV: Profit Over Patients?

| Jed Boye | 4 min read

A recent lawsuit involving Dole Veterans Affairs surgeons and Medtronic has rekindled the debate about the place of TOV payments in medicine

Business & Profession Business and Innovation

A Spect-Ocular Course of Events

| Jed Boye | 3 min read

We take a look back at the highlights and memorable moments of ARVO 2023

Business & Profession Cornea / Ocular Surface

Three Tips to Find the Best Artificial Tears for Dry Eye Disease

| Nandini Venkateswaran | 5 min read

Artificial tears - three top tips

Business & Profession Health Economics and Policy

(Eye)Drop Out of Sight

| Jed Boye | 4 min read

What led to the recent bacterial outbreak in the USA that infected 68 and, resulted in the death of three patients?

Business & Profession Basic & Translational Research

ARVO in Focus: The Balance of Power and Protein Knock-Out

| Jed Boye, Sarah Healey | 2 min read

Keep up to date with the latest research from ARVO journals through our breakdown

Subspecialties Retina

Weighing the Cost

| Jed Boye | 4 min read

Is Ozempic’s higher rates of diabetic retinopathy and adverse ocular events compared to other GLP-1 agonists cause for concern?

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