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Ace Vision

The Power List 2021 – Power List

AnnMarie Hipsley

Founder and CEO, Ace Vision Group, Inc.

What path has led you to ophthalmology?

My journey to ophthalmology began with entertaining the challenge of solving a 100-year-old paradox related to the loss of accommodation which occurs with age. My background and expertise in biomechanics and rehabilitation led me to believe that the ciliary muscle behaves both statically and dynamically like all other muscles in the body. A therapeutic restorative solution was clearly applicable to the accommodation mechanism and ignited my passion for discovering a restorative approach to age-related dysfunctions in the eye. Laser Scleral Microporation (LSM) became my brain child and spawned my published manuscript: VisioDynamics Theory: A Biomechanical Model for the Aging Eye.

How does Ace Vision promote gender equality at all levels?

Our company culture is designed to promote value contribution, personal and professional growth, and leadership assets. It is not based on gender or social bias; we are solely driven to promote intrapreneurship on every level based on talent matched to roles and goals.

How do you ensure equal representation in leadership positions?

The simplicity of our organization means that we are talent, moral, and purpose driven. This alleviates many social obstacles by choosing the best cultural and professional fit for each position. Our leadership positions all require mentoring and success driven platforms that measure not only value creation, but cross level appreciation and coaching. Every associate’s success is given a high level of investment priority so that the team benefits from each individual’s progress.

How can wider gender imbalance in the ophthalmic industry be addressed?

A paradigm shift to promoting more leadership, faculty and panel roles for women in ophthalmic conferences and industry programs are emerging. If specific rubrics are utilized, including gender, cultural and ethnic diversity, globally there are more opportunities for those who would otherwise be eliminated through bias. I also believe having special interest organizations such as WIO, supporting female accomplishments and advancing women in leadership roles are important to give equal opportunities for women to impact on our profession. These organizations are pivotal in promoting ophthalmic equity in contributions to the field.

What’s the most exciting project you’re working on?

Ace Vision Group is working on the world’s first therapeutic Laser Microporation Technology that addresses dysfunctions in the eye such as age-related loss of visual accommodation, AMD, glaucoma, and dry eye. AVG’s technology is the first of its kind with hopes to unveil a new rehabilitation and therapeutic genre of ophthalmic Microporation treatments. The most exciting element of our project is the revolutionary AI-integrated platform, allowing our procedures to be performed virtually, which is extremely relevant in the post-COVID-19 era and in the future.


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