Recommended Reading for an Optics Refresh

It’s difficult to remember all aspects of your training – let alone know how to correctly apply optics principles to the innovative products offered by industry. Have no fear: the Handbook of Visual Optics is here!

By Pablo Artal

December 2017

At a Glance

  • Many who work in ophthalmology have an imperfect understanding of the basic principles of optics
  • A lack of optics knowledge can be particularly problematic when introducing new technology, and may lead to sub-optimal clinical decisions
  • A new resource – the Handbook of Visual Optics – brings together summaries of all key topics, including the most recent research
  • The two-volume resource aims to be a valuable reference work for clinicians, technicians, scientists and companies working in the field of ophthalmology.

Having worked in the field of ophthalmology for many years, it has always struck me as strange that many of my colleagues possess only a poor understanding of the basic principles of optics. And I am afraid that the lack of knowledge extends beyond researchers and technicians to ophthalmologists. All too often, both researchers and clinicians make important mistakes about which they are completely unaware. Now, we have access to a comprehensive reference source that collates all the basic – as well as up-to-date and useful – information in a single work (1). Hopefully, the new resource will greatly reduce the frequency of certain common errors.

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