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June 2023 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to the May/June edition of The Ophthalmologist, bringing you the regular selection of some of the best news, opinions, interviews and expert insight you’ve come to expect from The Ophthalmologist. Our upfront section highlights the worsening disparities in pediatric ophthalmology and some of the possible connections between retinal health and psychiatric illnesses. In our “In My View” section, we hear from Brandon Kennedy, who shares his concerns about the potential changes to veteran healthcare brought about by the Federal Supremacy Project – it seems concerns around scope of practice aren’t going anywhere soon. This month’s feature brings together some of the leading European figures in myopia research to discuss how ophthalmologists – and governments – across the continent are responding. We also want to hear from our readers in the USA so please get in touch and share your view on the ever growing myopia problem. To close out this months’ issue, we sit down with Professor of Ophthalmic Epidemiology, Jugnoo Rahi, who discusses the importance of policy making and challenges ophthalmologists to take a wider view of eye care beyond just one patient at a time.

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Imaging & Diagnostics

Oculomics and Schizophrenia

| Alun Evans | 4 min read

Is multimodal imaging the future of neuropsychiatric disorder detection?

Subspecialties Pediatric

What About the Children?

| Sarah Healey

Socioeconomic disparities leave many out in the cold when it comes to pediatric ophthalmic care

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Let’s Get Physical

| 2 min read

The positive link between exercise and macular thickness in glaucoma patients

Subspecialties Retina

A Helping Hand

| Maria Znamenska | 2 min read

AI platform alleviates pressure of ophthalmologists

Business & Profession Health Economics and Policy

Bring Down the Walls

| Jasleen Jolly | 5 min read

Incorporating different voices, disciplines, and areas of knowledge are key to breaking down the hierarchies that prevent successful collaboration

Subspecialties Pediatric

Shutting Down Short-Sightedness

| Jon Greenaway, Oscelle Boye | 25 min read

With myopia rates increasing, how are European eye care professionals responding?

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Amniotic Membrane How-To: Techniques for In-Office and Surgical Use

| Karl G Stonecipher | 6 min read

Here’s how amniotic membranes can help anterior segment surgeons

Business & Profession Cornea / Ocular Surface

Three Tips to Find the Best Artificial Tears for Dry Eye Disease

| Nandini Venkateswaran | 5 min read

Artificial tears - three top tips

Subspecialties Retina

Off-Label, On Point

| Blake Cooper | 10 min read

Why I support the off-label use of semaglutide for many indications – including weight loss

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

A Non-Invasive Solution

| Sarah Healey | 3 min read

Non-invasive intracranial pressure technology to improve glaucoma diagnosis

Business & Profession Professional Development

Time to Take FLigHT?

| John Berdahl | 3 min read

Why we must strive for more precise visualization systems and treatment approaches when it comes to primary open-angle glaucoma

Subspecialties Pediatric

Taking the Wider View

| Jon Greenaway | 7 min read

Sitting Down With…Jugnoo Rahi, Professor of Ophthalmic Epidemiology, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology

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