Ophthalmology Chose Me

Sitting Down With… Richard Lindstrom, Chairman and Founder of Minnesota Eye Consultants, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

September 2017

What was the starting point of your career?

I grew up surrounded by the family business, which is a small construction company that provides insurance restoration. I was starting to be indoctrinated into the business around the age of 12 – mostly at the dinner table! The intent for me was to attend college and then join the company. Turns out I was a pretty good student – at the University of Minnesota I was placed in the Honors Division and the Dean of the Medical School ended up as my advisor. To make a long story short, he was very charismatic and it took him about a year to talk me into going into medicine instead of joining the family business. So I’m a little atypical; I wasn’t one of those young people who always wanted to be a doctor – medicine chose me. It was fate or serendipity, depending on how you look at the world.