Decision Diagnosis

Making a PACT to avoid decision procrastination

By David Almeida

February 2018

At a Glance

  • Procrastination is the first step on the path towards the calamity of inaction
  • Delaying decisions can have serious consequences like missed opportunities, poorer outcomes
  • Taking a “Decision Diagnosis” approach will give you an antidote to decision malaise – and allow you to come to fruitful and focused decisions

We are used to having everything at our fingertips these days, but the endless deluge of information minimizes our ability to process it. It creates a weakened state of critical thinking. A never-ending cacophony of notifications, messages and other electronic distractions has reduced our attention span and our decision-making ability to new lows: we have reached a calamity of inaction. We procrastinate and put off for tomorrow what we should be doing today, and this has an overwhelming negative impact on our ability to solve the problems we face.

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