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November 2019 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

For our November issue, we set our sights on diabetes. In our cover feature, three “diabetic eye disease” gurus, Neil Bressler, Andrew Schimel and Heeral Shah, share their insights on the prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment of diabetes-related disorders and discuss how treatments are going to evolve in the future. Anat Loewenstein calls for a systemic approach to these disorders, while Steve Charles argues that AI is not a serious solution to the tactical and strategic issues of the current diabetic retinopathy epidemic. We also delve into the new aflibercept regimen and discover how it can reduce the burden of treatment for many patients. The use of tear osmolarity and MMP-9 as the basis for an ocular surface disease treatment algorithm is also discussed, and piezo-print technology is highlighted as a potential solution for many of the issues associated with topical eye medications. Jennifer Stambook gives her take on how patient engagement needs to evolve in the digital age, while David Mandell and Carole Foos share the second part of their guide to building and protecting finances for mid-career ophthalmologists, and those approaching retirement. Finally, we sit down with Ravi Goel, ophthalmic surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital, USA.

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Articles featured in this issue


Image of the Month: A Spot of Bother

| Aleksandra Jones

An OCT angiography image of a patient with proliferative diabetic retinopathy and severe ischemic changes

Subspecialties Diabetes

Patient Management 2.0

| Phoebe Harkin

Diabetes prevalence is set to grow by 48 percent over the next 25 years – so where does that leave ophthalmologists?

Subspecialties Health Economics and Policy

NICE to Have

NICE offers new option for retinal dystrophy patients

Subspecialties Comprehensive

Altered States

| Phoebe Harkin

Enter the enhanced world of augmented reality…

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

Dazed and Confused

| Phoebe Harkin

Eye-tracking technology presents promising biomarkers for identifying traumatic brain injury

Subspecialties Retina

It's All in the Genes

| Phoebe Harkin

15-year study uncovers first known genetic cause for rare retinal disease

Subspecialties Diabetes

Shifting to a Systemic Approach

| Anat Loewenstein

What does the future hold for the management – and treatment – of diabetic eye disease?

Subspecialties Retina

Smart, But Not Smart Enough

| Steve Charles

AI image interpretation will not solve the diabetic retinopathy epidemic

Subspecialties Diabetes

Setting Our Sights on Diabetes

| Aleksandra Jones

Three diabetic eye disease gurus discuss prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment – and explain why it’s important to consider the future

Subspecialties Retina

Shifting the AMD Burden-Benefit Balance

| Rod McNeil

Aflibercept’s newly approved administration regime permits a reduction in intravitreal injection frequency

Subspecialties Cataract

OSD Decisions

| Marguerite McDonald

Using tear osmolarity and MMP-9 as the basis of an ocular surface disease treatment algorithm

Subspecialties Pediatric

Fine Print

| Sean Ianchulev

Topical piezo-print technology could solve many of the problems associated with use of topical eye medications

Business & Profession Practice Management

Patient Engagement in the Digital Age

| Jennifer Stambook

New generations of patients use services in novel ways – and ophthalmic practices must constantly readjust to keep up

Business & Profession Practice Management

Residency to Retirement: Part Two

| David B. Mandell, Carole C. Foos

The definitive guide to building – and protecting – your finances

Subspecialties Cataract

Leading, Advocating, Challenging

| Aleksandra Jones

Sitting Down With… Ravi Goel, Ophthalmic Surgeon, Wills Eye Hospital, USA

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