The Test of Time
03/05/2019 | Michel Michaelides
Reflecting on the past – and future – of gene therapy
Imaging the Future of Retina
Sitting Down With… Paulo Stanga, Consultant Ophthalmologist and Vitreoretinal Surgeon, Manchester Royal Eye Hospital

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Tech to Empower Profiles
Always Illuminating

Meet Proveo 8 by Leica Microsystems. This state-of-the-art microscope enhances workflows by providing precise imaging at every phase of the cataract procedure – all with just a tap of the footswitch. Consistent and brilliant red reflex, increased depth of field and highly accessible settings: Proveo 8, efficiency you can feel, precision you can trust.

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From Intelligence Comes Perfection

Standard keratometric and topography machines tend to yield varying degrees of inaccuracies when it comes to assessing corneal astigmatism. But in today’s competitive healthcare climate, any amount of inaccuracy is simply not good enough. Patients want perfection. If surgeons are to achieve truly accurate IOL predictions – even in torical applications – a new approach is needed. Enter the HillRadial Basis Function (Hill-RBF) 2.0.

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In Safe – and Simple – Hands

By combining proven technology and smart innovation, as well as renowned technical support, Faros™ – the latest surgical platform from Oertli – delivers a new standard for ophthalmologists performing cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgeries. The Faros™ platform from Oertli delivers the surgery outcomes you truly desire with easyPhaco® technology and the unique SPEEPMode™.

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Innovators Profile
A Lens for All

SAV-IOL, already known for redrawing innovation, is launching Harmonis, a novel customizable EDOF IOL. Helping mediate the customization process, the configurator offers patients and ophthalmologists a preview in the form of a range of lens parameters from which the most appropriate can be chosen according to the desired outcome of each individual patient, with over 3,000 optical configurations to choose from.

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Special Promotions
Watch: Arthur Cummings’ take on implementing the latest premium technology innovations

Arthur Cummings, Senior Surgeon and Medical Director at the Wellington Eye Clinic in Dublin, Ireland, talks about the latest tools and instruments he’s been using in his practice, and compares technology adoption in Ireland and the rest of Europe.

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