The author of one of this week’s featured articles, James Pickering, is fundraising for sight-saving charities by doing a sponsored Three Peaks Challenge in Yorkshire, UK, on World Sight Day, October 14, 2021. The challenge involves walking 24 miles up three mountains, with an ascent of 5200ft, in under 12 hours. Pickering asked his network of eyecare professionals to nominate worthy charitable foundations and chose Andean Medical Mission, Himalayan Cataract Project, and Sight for All.
You can read more about the challenge here and – if you wish – donate here.

Until next time, Aleksandra Jones

Weekly Spotlight

Shaping the future with SCHWIND ATOS - Assistant Professor Maja Bohac, MD, PhD, and Ivan Gabric, MD, from Svjetlost Eye Clinic, Croatia, have been using the SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser for months. Take a closer look at what they are saying about the about their experiences with the new platform and the innovations it brings to femtosecond corneal surgery.

Ophthalmology's Advanced Pipeline
09/28/2021 | James Pickering
A review of gene and genetic therapies for ophthalmic conditions – and what promises they hold
Pressure Point
10/04/2021 | I. Paul Singh
You can prescribe a patient a drug, but you can’t make them compliant
Earning a Place at the Table
09/30/2021 | Nikki Hafezi
How do you make a name for yourself in ophthalmology, when you’re carrying a name that’s already big in the field?
Lifting the Lid on Eye Pressure
09/24/2021 | Geoffrey Potjewyd
How does lower-lid surgery affect intraocular pressure and what does this mean for managing risk and progression of glaucoma?
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Shining a Light on Dry AMD - How Photobiomodulation is Helping Dry AMD Patients
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Creating a new standard in ophthalmic surgery visualization
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Clinical applications of hand-held OCT: Bringing the OCT to the patient and not the patient to the OCT
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Expanding iCare EIDON Family Perspective

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