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December 2022 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to the latest issue of The Ophthalmologist! Our Upfront section covers some of the latest news from the dangers of paintball guns to some of the latest research on global health care inequality. In our In My View section, Erin Mceachren outlines how a new values based healthcare model is improving patient outcomes and César A. Briceño makes the case for the urgent need to ensure ophthalmology is LGBTQ+ inclusive. Our feature “How the Future Happens” offers unique insights from some of the most successful ophthalmic pioneers, who share their experience developing innovations and taking them to market. We follow that up with our yearly run down of some of the most cutting edge innovations, new therapeutics and emerging technologies which are shaping the field and offering new options to patients. In the Cornea and OSD section, we cover a new corneal implant which can restore sight. In the Retina pages we cover new research is hydrogels that combat retinal scarring and Avril Daly outlines the essential work of Retina International. The Profession section has a must-read piece on the vital importance of ergonomics in surgery before we conclude with our regular “Sitting Down With…” feature, talking with world-renowned glaucoma expert, Janey Wiggs. We hope you enjoy reading this issue of The Ophthalmologist!

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Health Economics and Policy

WHO Can Change Things?

| Sarah Healey | 2 min read

How the WHO aims to combat economic and gender inequalities in treatment coverage for refractive error across the globe

Subspecialties Retina

Photo Opportunity

| Geoffrey Potjewyd | 2 min read

Could photoreceptor-like cells derived from hAESCs be the answer to retinal degeneration and restoring sight?

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Paint Blank?

| Oscelle Boye | 3 min read

New research indicates that the word “gun” in “paintball gun” should be taken more seriously

Business & Profession Professional Development

Learn from Your Elders

| Aleksandra Jones | 5 min read

Serial ophthalmic inventor Malik Kahook – and creator of the eponymous Kahook Dual Blade – talks about his successes… and his failures

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

A Materials Cornea-Copia

| Geoffrey Potjewyd | 3 min read

An extremely effective answer to the lack of human corneal donor tissue may come from materials science – and help restore sight

Subspecialties Retina

PVR: Saved by the Gel

| Xinyi Su | 7 min read

A hydrogel-based scarring solution for retinal detachment and beyond

Business & Profession Retina

Under the Umbrella

| Avril Daly | 7 min read

How can ophthalmologists drive innovation and help patients access eye care?

Business & Profession Glaucoma

My MIGS of Choice, with Kin Sheng Lim

| Kin Sheng Lim | 6 min read

One of the most promising MIGS procedures revolutionizing glaucoma surgery is canaloplasty

Business & Profession Professional Development

Muscle Memory Re-Education: Part One

| Abha Amin | 7 min read

Why surgeons need to consider ergonomics early on in their careers – and how I am working to make this happen

Business & Profession Professional Development

Jumping After Your Passions

| Jon Greenaway, Aleksandra Jones | 7 min read

Sitting Down With… Janey Wiggs, Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts Eye and Ear, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


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