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November 2015 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Profession Other

The Innovation Game

| Mark Hillen

In eye care, anyone with an idea can make a difference

Subspecialties Retina

AMD Eyedrop Hope

| Roisin McGuigan

Vasotide, a small molecule that stops VEGF binding to endothelial receptor molecules, has shown promise in animal models and can be delivered using eyedrops

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

All The Better to See You With

| Roisin McGuigan

Using a mouse model to shed new light on a genetic cause of enlarged eyeballs

Subspecialties Refractive

One IOL Formula… To Rule Them All

| Michael Schubert

IOL power calculation formulae all have their own strengths and weaknesses – so researchers decided to combine those strengths into a single “super formula”

Subspecialties Retina

Another Vaccine Myth Debunked?

| Roisin McGuigan

Vaccination complications as an explanation for retinal hemorrhage in children should not be accepted clinically or legally, new study data suggests

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

Animation for Amblyopia

| Michael Schubert

Dichoptic films could offer a new and engaging treatment method for children with amblyopia

Business & Profession Other

Higher Myopia Risk in Firstborns

| Michael Schubert

A recent study on risk factors for myopia show it doesn’t always pay to be the eldest child…

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Unlocking CXL’s Molecular Mysteries – With Mice

| Farhad Hafezi

Swiss researchers have developed methods for performing corneal crosslinking with riboflavin and corneal biomechanical testing in mice – opening up the world of transgenics and molecular testing.

Business & Profession Cataract

Philanthropic Ophthalmology

| Michael Schubert

The key to education and development is collaboration. Nowhere is this more obvious than in healthcare

Business & Profession Cataract

Muzungu Medicine

| Nicole Kretz

Eleven days, six ophthalmologists, and one small eye hospital in rural Uganda

Business & Profession Cataract

Creating Links

| Tina Khanam, Clare Gilbert, Marcia Zondervan, Clare Davey, Moses Kasadhakawo, Terry Cooper

A team of UK-based eye health professionals bring teaching and equipment to the Mulago National Referral Hospital

Subspecialties Cataract

In Conversation With… Farhad Hafezi

Mark chats with Farhad Hafezi on all things excimer laser

Subspecialties Cataract

In Conversation With… A. John Kanellopoulos

Part two of our conversation with A. John Kanellopoulos

Subspecialties Cataract

Combine and Conquer

| Tushar Agarwal, Pooja Bandivadekar

Combining sutureless lamellar keratoplasty, phacoemulsification, and IOL implantation in one surgery allows rapid visual rehabilitation in patients with cataract and corneal opacity

Subspecialties Cataract

The Magic Beans

| Marie-José Tassignon

Bean-shaped rings can compensate for compromised capsular integrity in bag-in-the-lens IOL implantation

Subspecialties Imaging & Diagnostics

A Vital Part of Anterior Segment Surgery

Trypan blue is usually the dye of choice for anterior segment surgeons – but how did it become the king of vital dyes?

Subspecialties Retina

The Optogenetic Option

| Irv Arons

Optogenetics holds the potential of reversing blindness in retinal disease – but how far has the field come, and who are the key players?

Subspecialties Refractive

Satisfaction in Sight

| Elizabeth Yeu

A patient has undergone a premium refractive cataract procedure, and they’re unhappy. How are you going to fix it?

Subspecialties Professional Development

Hard Work Pays Off

| Michael Schubert

Sitting Down With... Zoltán Nagy, Head of the Department of Clinical Ophthalmology and the Institute of Health Diagnostics, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, and Director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary

Business & Profession Other

Turn your BAC on preservatives

| Mark Hillen

Preservatives in topical glaucoma therapy: they risk ocular surface disease and future filtration surgery failure, and do nothing to improve efficacy. Is it time to leave them behind?

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