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September 2018 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to the September issue of The Ophthalmologist! You’ll find the latest research in Upfront – our news segment – plus opinion pieces from some of ophthalmology’s brightest minds in In My View. This month, we have articles from Rod Solar, Karl Stonecipher and John Berdahl. In our unique two perspective feature, we speak to a patient and her physician on the life-altering power of restoring vision and saving sight – and the true gift of cornea donation. In Practice sees Charles C. Wykoff address concerns about steroid-induced IOP, while Paul Ursell introduces his easy-to-use cataract grading system for trainee surgeons. In NextGen, Sinisa Vukelic shares his work on non-invasive refractive correction using a femtosecond laser, and Kathleen Gordon and Jonathan Zager explain why a uveal melanoma cluster in America may present a roadmap for patient care. Finally, we Sit Down With Elizabeth Yeu, Assistant Professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School.

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Other

The Gift of Sight...

| Ruth Steer

The gift of sight – and the different ways that those in eye care strive to deliver it

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Blinded by the Light

| Phoebe Harkin

How blue light can induce retinal cell death.

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Inject or Reject

| Phoebe Harkin

Are vasoactive intestinal peptides the secret to corneal transplant survival?

Subspecialties Retina

Not Immune to Damage

| Ruth Steer

Could activated T cells play a major role in driving neurodegeneration in glaucoma?

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

An Abnormal Connection

| Phoebe Harkin

Team uncover clues to potential mechanisms underpinning development of strabismus.

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Changing the Program

| Ruth Steer

Reprogramming murine Müller glia to drive photoreceptor genesis – and restoration of vision.

Business & Profession Cornea / Ocular Surface

Bitesize Breakthroughs

| Ruth Steer, Phoebe Harkin

Analyzing the tear film layer, screening for neural disease, and a curious contact lens case: a brief selection of the latest ophthalmology news

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Image of the Month

These images were submitted by Trina Toyama, a Clinical Applications Specialist at Heidelberg Engineering

Subspecialties Refractive

Awakening Sleeping Giants

| Rod Solar

How and why the laser refractive market is set to grow.

Subspecialties Refractive

Pioneer or Buccaneer?

| Karl Stonecipher

In the digital age, are we doing enough to push truly pioneering efforts to the forefront?

Subspecialties Cataract

Fancy Your Chances?

| John Berdahl

Intracameral antibiotics reduce the risk of cataract complications – why aren’t we using them?

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

A Life-Changing Gift

| Crystal Ellis and Christine Sindt

We share the story of one patient, one donor family and one physician to reveal the human side of restoring 20/20 vision

Subspecialties Retina

DME, Steroids and Glaucoma

| Charles C. Wykoff

Addressing concerns about steroid-induced intraocular pressure increases and the risk of glaucoma when managing diabetic macular edema

Subspecialties Cataract

The Matchmaker

| Paul Ursell

Introducing the easy-to-use system that offers patients lower risks of complications – regardless of surgeon experience

Subspecialties Refractive

Engineering Non-Invasive Refractive Correction

| Sinisa Vukelic

Could femtosecond laser-induced corneal crosslinking transform standard refractive surgery – and provide a vision correction procedure that is suitable for all?

Business & Profession Basic & Translational Research

Navigating the Long Road

| Kathleen Gordon and Jonathan Zager

How lessons learned from a uveal melanoma cluster may present a roadmap for a team approach – and how ophthalmologists can ensure optimal care for patients

Business & Profession Health Economics and Policy

Overcoming the Mountain of Global Blindness

| Geoff Tabin

The story behind the Himalayan Cataract Project – the NGO eradicating blindness, one country at a time.

Subspecialties Cataract

Doing Right by Everyone

| Elizabeth Yeu

Sitting Down With… Elizabeth Yeu, Assistant Professor at Eastern Virginia Medical School and Cornea, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon with Virginia Eye Consultants, VA, USA

Subspecialties Cataract

Multiple Certainties

| Sponsored by Hoya

How can surgeons assure predictable – and optimal – outcomes for cataract patients?

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