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October 2015 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

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Articles featured in this issue

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

A Tired Eye Tirade

| Mark Hillen

Why is public awareness of dry eye so disturbingly low, and what can be done to change this?

Subspecialties Retina

Edging Closer to a Diagnosis

| Michael Schubert

Peripheral retinal lesions may predict diabetic patients’ risk of disease progression – and ultrawide field imaging could enable a better and earlier early diagnosis

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

CXL: Seven Years Later

In patients with keratoconus, CXL halts progression up to seven years on

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

A Sidekick for Sight

| Michael Schubert

Object motion detector cell function relies on a unique interneuron and a special ‘sidekick’ recognition protein

Subspecialties Retina

Two Paths to Better Vision

| Michael Schubert

Two research teams have developed very different ways of tackling retinitis pigmentosa, but both hold great promise

Subspecialties Neuro-ophthalmology

I Can See a ‘Brainbow’

| Michael Schubert

New neuroscience reveals that the synaptic connections between the retinal ganglion cells and the visual cortex are not as simple as first thought

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Blasting Retinoblastoma

Though highly successful, retinoblastoma radio- and chemotherapy increases the risk of secondary cancer. Is there an alternative?

Business & Profession Cataract

Austerity Ophthalmology

| Mark Hillen, Michael Schubert

The Greek bailouts came with a price: austerity. This might come to pass as a highly myopic move. We explore its impact on ophthalmology – and the future health economic toll it will take on Greek society.

Subspecialties Cataract

In Conversation With… A. John Kanellopoulos

“In Conversation With...”, an ongoing series of informal interviews with some of the biggest personalities in ophthalmology in glorious settings around the globe.

Subspecialties Retina

Being Flexible Has Its Benefits

| Niro Narendran

Adopting a treat-and-extend approach for the treatment of wet AMD with anti-VEGF drugs – though potentially complex in the coordination – can have considerable benefits for patients, carers and healthcare systems

Subspecialties Cataract

Mix, Match, and Micromonovision

| Milind Pande

Creative approaches and specialized visual acuity measurements can lead to success in presbyopic lens surgery

Subspecialties Refractive

Benchmarking Femtosecond Lasers

What does analysis of the last five years of literature on femtosecond lasers tell us about the priorities of the field, and the major contributors to it?

Business & Profession Professional Development

Go-Faster Stripes

The FDA’s plans for creating pre-approved medical device development tools could accelerate the development and approval of many medical devices – particularly premium IOLs

Subspecialties Retina

The Gene Genie

Sitting down with... Anneke den Hollander, Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, Radboud University Medical Center, Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Thinking Ahead

| Sponsored by Santen Pharmaceuticals

Preserved glaucoma product use increases the probability that future glaucoma surgery will fail. Let’s examine the literature…

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Meeting Dry Eye’s Unmet Needs

| Sponsored by Santen Pharmaceuticals

Dry eye disease is hugely prevalent, hard to diagnose, and in the case of severe disease, can be extremely difficult to treat. What can be done to improve matters?

Subspecialties Retina

5 Things We Learned This Month:

| Roisin McGuigan

Five Things We Learned This Month

Business & Profession Professional Development

The Ophthalmologist Innovation Awards 2015

| Mark Hillen

Showcasing the greatest ophthalmic advances of the year

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