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June 2017 Issue of The Ophthalmologist

Welcome to the June issue of The Ophthalmologist North America. Upfront’s topics include amblyopia treatment based on virtual reality and the potential for patients with wet AMD to choose drops over injections. In My View sees Nader Bayoumi discuss when to perform congenital glaucoma surgery and Günther Grabner shares why solutions of the corneal plane are the best approach for presbyopia correction in younger patients. Our Feature explores the quest to develop non-invasive biomechanical assessments of the eye, and shares opinions from leading experts in the field. In Practice features Kenneth Beckman on how to achieve successful cataract surgery outcomes in the herpetic patient, and Soosan Jacob talks us through stab incision glaucoma surgery (SIGS) for open angle glaucoma. NextGen sees Stephen Lane discuss the evolution of the eyedrop for dry eye treatments. In Profession, Louis Pasquale explains why he thinks it is time to redefine primary open angle glaucoma (POAG) and Ian Catchpole tells a tale of why it is vital to publish negative results. Finally, we Sit Down With Bradley Straatsma, one of the founding fathers of the Jules Stein Eye Institute.

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Articles featured in this issue

Business & Profession Other

The Big News Is Big Data

| Mark Hillen

Might the next Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine go to a coder, rather than a researcher or doctor?

Subspecialties Retina

Dropping the Needle

| Ruth Steer

Topical anti-VEGF therapy may offer AMD patients an alternative to injections.

Business & Profession Refractive

Business in Brief

| Mark Hillen

Collaborations, acquisitions and a potential case of misleading information…

Business & Profession Neuro-ophthalmology

No More Playing Pirate?

| Ruth Steer

Amblyopes might soon be able to ditch the patch for virtual reality therapy.

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Mind the Gap

| Ruth Steer

In patients with glaucoma or thin corneas look to the difference between DCT and GAT.

Subspecialties Retina

CLARITY Achieved

| Mark Hillen

Can an anti-VEGF agent outdo PRP for the treatment of PDR?

Business & Profession Retina

Survival Scar

| Ruth Steer, Ruth Steer

Characteristic retinal lesions provide clues on how Ebola virus enters the eye.

Subspecialties Basic & Translational Research

Image of the Month

3D printing of the pig eye vasculature

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Congenital Glaucoma: Are We Operating Prematurely?

| Nader Bayoumi

The instinct is to act early to save vision – but at what cost?

Subspecialties Refractive

Expectations and Exit Strategies

| Günther Grabner

Solutions of the corneal plane are the best for younger patients with presbyopia.

Business & Profession Imaging & Diagnostics

The Hubble Telescope of the Eye

| John Marshall, Julian Stevens, Penh Shao, Amira Eltony and Andy Yun

The quest for truly non-invasive ocular biomechanical measurements.

Business & Profession Imaging & Diagnostics

Julian Stevens considers the impact of next-generation ocular biomechanics assessments in the clinic

| John Marshall, Julian Stevens, Penh Shao, Amira Eltony and Andy Yun

The quest for truly non-invasive ocular biomechanical measurements.

Subspecialties Cataract

The Capsulotomy: From There to Where?

| Richard Packard

The story unfolds…

Subspecialties Cataract

Unique Cataract Challenges Versus Postoperative Success

| Kenneth Beckman

Successful cataract surgery outcomes are not out of reach in patients with herpetic disease.

Subspecialties Cataract

Single Incision: Multiple Advantages

| Soosan Jacob

The what, how and why of stab incision glaucoma surgery (SIGS).

Subspecialties Cornea / Ocular Surface

Redefining the Eyedrop

| Stephen Lane

How we’re overcoming the challenges of effectively delivering topical eye medication

Subspecialties Glaucoma

Redefining POAG

| Louis Pasquale

Why it’s time to take the “P” out of POAG and consider the secondary causes behind the disease.

Business & Profession Retina

Balancing the Cost of Success and Failure

| Ian Catchpole

Publishing negative results might not flatter – but it does matter.

Business & Profession Professional Development

L.A. Story

| Bradley Straatsma

Bradley Straatsma, Founding Director of the Jules Stein Eye Institute, UCLA.

Subspecialties Professional Development

The Impatient Innovator

| Sean Ianchulev

Sean Ianchulev, Professor of Ophthalmology at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, and Founder of Eyenovia and Iantech Medical.

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