Live Residents Roundtable
06/24/2020 | Phoebe Harkin
From Sofia to San Francisco, six panelists share the reality of residency under COVID-19
Preparing for a New Landscape
06/25/2020 | Livia Faes, Dawn Sim, Pearse Keane, Konstantinos Balaskas, Lucas M. Bachmann
How we will deal with the pandemic of neglected chronic eye disease following the COVID-19 lockdown
Opening the Door
06/26/2020 | Judith Potts
What has living in lockdown meant for Charles Bonnet Syndrome sufferers?
(Ultra)short and Sweet
06/23/2020 | Aleksandra Jones
Could a new incarnation of the soliton laser find its way into eye surgery
Product Profile
The Unique Blue Laser Tomographer for Customized Eye Surgery & Advanced Diagnosis

Precisio2 features patented ultrathin blue laser slit to maximize epithelium resolution, 6D eye-tracker to compensate the eye movements, innovative voice driven auto-acquisition to negate manual errors. Read more

Special Promotion
How to optimise patient transfers and work environment at the same time

The VELA 'Move+' Ophthalmology chair allows staff to "transport" patients between different examinations making a more efficient workflow and a better work environment for clinic staff. 
Read more

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