Newsletter 48/2017
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Top Articles
Brain Circulation
C. Andres Benatti challenges the dogma of ‘brain drain,’ and focuses instead on the concept of ‘brain circulation,’ and how it is beneficial to ophthalmology.
Move Out of the Tunnel
“… and into the light,” says João Barbosa-Breda of KU Leuven, Belgium. He overviews why his team believe the future of glaucoma care will be metabolomics.
Does Size Matter?
When it comes to repairing tractional retinal detachment, does vitrectomy instrument size matter? We summarize a five-year study that looked into outcomes.
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Upcoming Webinars
Visual fields and ocular surface - what is important for my glaucoma patients?
Understanding the relationship between ocular surface disease and topical antiglaucoma therapy, and the impact of visual field loss on patients’ daily lives is important. In this webinar, organised and funded by Santen, Professor Julián Garcia Feijoo will review ocular surface disease in patients under topical treatment for glaucoma, and Professor David Crabb will present: Visual field loss: the patient’s view.

12 December 2017, 18.00 CET

Date of preparation October 2017
Active Fluidics for Anterior Chamber Stability: An Alcon Webinar
Successful phacoemulsification demands a stable anterior chamber - in particular, well-controlled intra-ocular pressure (IOP). This ideal can be difficult to achieve with passive (gravity-based) fluidics systems. To discuss the comparative advantages of Active Fluidics™ in maintaining AC stability, join Alcon’s webinar: ‘Experience the Performance with Active Fluidics™’.

14 December 2017, 16:00 CET
On Demand Webinars
Clinical Utility of OCTA with 3D Projection Artifact Removal: On Demand Webinar
Join Prof. Eric Souied and Dr. Alexandra Miere for a webinar that explores how OCTA with 3D projection artefact removal (PAR) will facilitate the qualitative and quantitative assessment of retinal and choroidal pathologies. See how OCTA + 3DPAR will redefine the imaging AMD, diabetic retinopathy and more!
Modern LASIK Forum
Presented by The Ophthalmologist

Join John Marshall and our expert panel on-demand from The Royal Society, London.
Special Promotions
The ICO Allergan Research Fellowship How to apply
One year research fellowship to the value of $50,000, supported by the ICO and Allergan. Submissions must be received by 15 January 2018 with the winner chosen and notified at the ARVO meeting in Honolulu. Official announcement will take place at the WOC in Barcelona
Upcoming Events
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