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The Ophthalmologist is a free, monthly ophthalmologist's magazine. We cover ophthalmology, in part, by exploring the hopes, fears, motivations and aspirations of the key figures – both clinical and industrial – in the field.  



Inside each issue, you will find six key sections:  

  • Upfront – News, covering the latest in the clinical research, professional, practice and pharmaceutical areas 
  • Feature – A lavishly illustrated in-depth journalistic investigation of a topic of central importance to ophthalmologists 
  • In Practice – Reporting the best that can be done in clinical practice today, with articles from leading ophthalmologists   
  • NextGen – Highlighting where clinical practice will be in the next decade, with interviews and articles from the ophthalmologists leading this bleeding-edge research 
  • Profession – A combination of articles that pertain to the optimal running of your practice, from the latest political and regulatory issues, to advice on building, running, improving and marketing your practice 


The Ophthalmologist – an Ophthalmologist's magazine, not a magazine for Ophthalmologists.  It’s fresh thinking. Download now...