Move Out of the Tunnel… and into the Light!

When it comes to glaucoma care, metabolomics could well be the future

By João Barbosa-Breda, Glaucoma Fellow, Ophthalmology Research Group of the KU Leuven (University of Leuven), Belgium

November 2017

I believe metabolomics has the potential to shed light into the pathophysiology behind glaucomatous damage, as well as providing potential biomarkers for early glaucoma detection.

Metabolomics is the detailed study of metabolites created by the cellular processes in an organism. Influenced by both genetic and environmental factors, the metabolite profile gives us a “fingerprint” of the health status of the organism at the time of sampling. But aside from disease mechanisms and biomarkers, this technology has also been increasingly used for drug target discovery and the prediction of drug effects – and it can help move medical care towards a more personalized approach.

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