One IOL Formula… To Rule Them All

IOL power calculation formulae all have their own strengths and weaknesses – so researchers decided to combine those strengths into a single “super formula”

There a number of IOL power calculation formulae out there in the wild, but there’s still debate as to which one’s the best under which circumstance, and often, that answer isn’t clear. There can be such great differences between the types of lenses – and the conditions under which they are implanted – that ophthalmologists frequently have to choose formulae based on each one’s strengths and weaknesses. But if the surgeon is not be aware of (or does not have access to) the full spectrum of formulae, suboptimal outcomes are risked. So, to overcome these potential obstacles, researchers from the Wilmer and Jules Stein Eye Institutes (Baltimore and Los Angeles) devised a new graphical calculation method that combined the most accurate portions of several existing formulae into a single super formula (1).