Regenerative Medicine: The Cornea

How three leading lights and one CEO are tackling corneal disease through pioneering research and development

September 2017

Ophthalmology is at the forefront of many fields of biomedicine, including diagnostics, drug development, and gene therapy. Understandably so – despite all of the incredible advances in eyecare over the last 50 years, there’s still a huge unmet need for sight-saving and sight-restoring interventions. If new or better therapies can be developed that meet these needs, particularly within the context of aging baby boomers with age-related eye disease, it will be of huge benefit to healthcare systems and society. Another field that vision science is trailblazing is regenerative medicine. Many research groups are focused on treating retinal diseases with cell therapy and have rightly received a great deal of coverage. But what about the cornea? We caught up with three leading researchers and one CEO to find out how they are approaching corneal repair and regeneration, and how these potentially life-changing therapies are being brought to patients.

From Liposuction to New Stromal Collagen Production

Resurrecting the Cornea

Collaboration of Culture

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