Confessions of a Live Surgeon

Four leading veterans of the operating theater share their experiences – in gripping detail

By Ruth Steer

March 2018

Visuals play a huge part in our learning – and it’s no wonder, we’re visual creatures. When it comes to pages of text or a colorful infographic, it’s clear which most people would prefer. Similarly, we learn many skills through observing others. The ophthalmic surgeon is no stranger to this form of education; whether a novice or a practiced professional, observing others is a valuable learning tool. It’s why live surgery is so essential.

But what is the live surgery experience actually like – and what goes into delivering it? Four veterans reflect on their encounters, share notable memories, and offer insight into secrets behind the “show.” Whether you’re an observer – or a performer – join us on a journey of language barriers, surprise surgery events, and even cobra bile.

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