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February 2018

The Astrocyte Fight Against Glaucoma

This confocal microscopy image features the delicate neurovascular plexus of the inner retina, and shows retinal ganglion cells (green), astrocytes (red) and vascular endothelial cells (white) in the inner retina of a rat. This image was taken in the Sivak lab at the Krembil Research Institute, University Health Network and University of Toronto School of Medicine, Canada, and forms part of multi-center research project that has identified that lipoxins – lipid inflammatory mediators – secreted by astrocytes can protect against retinal ganglion cell degeneration in rodent models of glaucoma.

I Livne-Bar et al., J Clin Invest, [Epub ahead of print], (2017). PMID: 29106385. Credit: Xiaxin Guo and Jeremy Sivak.

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