I am extremely proud to share this year’s Power List with you, this time focusing exclusively on outstanding female figures in ophthalmology. As one of the featured Power Listers put it: “I hope [this Power List] gives courage to other women to aspire [to similar positions]. Looking at the list, I see that our future is bright with so many capable women at all stages of their careers.”

A hugely overwhelming majority of our readers and contributors have praised the list, but not everyone is sold on the idea – read Lucy Mathen’s column to find out what her reservations are. Then, let me know your thoughts on edit@theophthalmologist.com. Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor

The Power List 2021
04/01/2021 | Aleksandra Jones
One hundred reasons to celebrate women in ophthalmology
The Power of Stick-to-itness
03/29/2021 | Carol Shields
If women help each other on the way to the top, there are no limits to what they can achieve
The 2021 Power List in Numbers
04/01/2021 | Aleksandra Jones
We break down this year’s frontrunners by location and expertise
More Harm Than Good?
03/31/2021 | Lucy Mathen
What purpose do hierarchical and competitive lists serve, except highlighting success as being far from the norm and unachievable for most?
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