Welcome back to The Ophthalmologist! I hope you had a lovely, well-deserved break and the pandemic restrictions didn’t alter your plans significantly.

2020 might be over, but COVID-19 is still with us, and will be for some time yet. Will lessons learned last year make 2021 easier, safer and healthier for us all? Our sister title, The Medicine Maker, recently recorded a brilliant roundtable on pandemic preparedness and lessons learned from the past, and published a mammoth feature summarizing COVID-19 research published in 2020. If history is not to be repeated, it is important to know it – so have a look and feel free to share these resources. Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor.

Realizing Retinal Regeneration
12/07/2020 | Evdokia Paza, Alice Lightowlers, Tim Landy, Geraint Parfitt
How can data-driven in vivo reprogramming be used to treat retinal and optic nerve degeneration?
What You Leave Behind
12/31/2020 | Aleksandra Jones
On the second anniversary of Jack J. Kanski’s death, we celebrate his legacy
Healthy Body, Open Heart
12/11/2020 | Phoebe Harkin
Sitting Down With… Ningli Wang, Director of the Beijing Tongren Eye Center, China
Blood Ties
12/28/2020 | Amy Shapiro
Hematology researchers are embarking on the world’s first collaborative natural history study on congenital plasminogen deficiency
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Alcon’s Jeannette Banks talks about leading the business through the pandemic

Jeannette Banks explains how Alcon adapted to meet physicians’ needs during the pandemic, kept employees safe and continued to innovate and deliver products by utilizing virtual opportunities. Read more

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