Rethinking AMD
04/30/2019 | Gregory R. Jackson
An accidental discovery, an aging population, a new approach to healthcare – this is the story of MacuLogix
It's a Conversation, Not a Conversion
05/03/2019 | Blake Williamson
The art and psychology behind successful FLACS consultations
Joining Forces for Diabetes
04/29/2019 | Anat Loewenstein
Diabetic patients would be better served by coordinated care plan – and retina specialists must play their part
Image of the Month
01/01/1970 | Aleksandra Jones
The peripheral detachment in this month’s image was missed during a routine eye test, but picked up using an Optos device
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The Latest Content: Glaucoma

Check out our glaucoma content by accessing the new glaucoma feed. Articles include: (H)eye – or Low (on medical cannabis and IOP) and Looking Back, Moving Forward by Paul Singh. Glaucoma Special Feed

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Watch: MIGS devices transform patients' outcomes, argues Keith Barton

Renowned Moorfields glaucoma and cataract surgeon, Keith Barton, explores the impact of MIGS on patients' outcomes, as well as potential barriers to their wider adoption. Watch Now

Glaucoma analysis - The Import of Space and Time

Glaucomatous visual losses typically appear as “clusters” of adjacent defects corresponding to pathways of affected retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) bundles. To better reflect this observation – and thus improve the sensitivity of glaucoma progression monitoring – Haag-Streit developed its Cluster Analysis system, which is based on the distribution of nerve fibers in the retina. Read more

High-CLASS Alternative for Low IOP

Increasing aqueous humor outflow in an effective manner shouldn’t require a radical solution that is not part of the eye’s natural process – it can be performed in a safe manner, by simply reducing the resistance of the eye’s natural filtration process. A CO2 laser-assisted sclerectomy surgery (CLASS), from IOPtima, is designed to do just that. Read more

Enlightening Images

Increasing clinical confidence through personalized assessment – with the SPECTRALIS

The SPECTRALIS® multimodal platform takes a holistic approach to glaucoma diagnosis and management. The Glaucoma Module Premium Edition (GMPE) detects the anatomical landmarks of each individual eye to provide accurate and precise measurements of the neuroretinal rim, RNFL, macular ganglion cell layer, as well as macular intra- and inter-eye asymmetry. Read more

A New Step Forward

On November 17, 2018, international experts addressed the use of sustained-release steroid implants for diabetic macular edema at the ILUVIEN Medical Expert User Group Meeting. Read more

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