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The Future of OSD?
07/28/2020 | Preeya Gupta
The technologies and treatments set to revolutionize the way we approach ocular surface disease
Alleviating the Pressure
07/27/2020 | Maryam Mahdi
Gene therapy shows promise for glaucoma in a mouse model
Product Profiles
Valeda® Light Delivery System by LumiThera

Valeda Light Delivery System is the First Approved Treatment for Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Photobiomodulation. Read more

Intensity by Hanita Lenses - Vision Redefined

Intensity lens employs Dynamic Light Utilization technology for maximal light efficiency that transcends the traditional boundaries of conservative diffractive IOL patterns, bringing unprecedented vivid vision to cataract patients. Read more

Special Promotions
Stefano Barabino explains how the pandemic is affecting ocular surface health

Stefano Barabino, Head of the Ocular Surface Center at the Sacco Hospital in Milan, Italy, talks about the implications the COVID-19 pandemic has had for patients suffering from dry eye disease. Read more

Rheon Medical’s eyeWatch offers true pressure control in glaucoma management

André Mermoud and Leon Au talk about their impressions of the eyeWatch system, designed to drain aqueous humor in glaucoma patients, while allowing physicians to non-invasively adjust IOP. Read more

Redressing the Balance with The Power List 2021 – Nominations are OPEN!

In 2021, we will be mixing things up following calls for more female representation on The Power List!  So, to fully acknowledge the undeniable impact women have on ophthalmic clinical practice, research, education, and industry, we will feature the Top 50 Women in Ophthalmology.
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