At last year's ESCRS, I had the pleasure of watching Soroosh Behshad and Natalie Weil give a talk on the unique challenges of providing eye care in a refugee camp. The camp in question was Zaatari, the world’s largest Syrian refugee camp, housing more than 80,000 people. COVID-19 travel restrictions have meant that Behshad and Weil were unable to travel to Zaatari this year, leaving countless children without care. Read “The Forgotten Crisis” to find out more about their work and the need for local sustainable healthcare programs.

Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor.

The Forgotten Crisis
10/12/2020 | Natalie Weil
For those living in Zaatari, the world's largest Syrian refugee camp, the privilege of eye care is far from guaranteed
Longer-Lasting Benefits
10/13/2020 | Alice T. Epitropoulos
Are sustained-release drugs the answer to ophthalmology’s topical drop problem?
The SCOPE of Things to Come
10/14/2020 | Paulo Eduardo Stanga
It is your responsibility to encourage patients to join the SCOPE study
New Virus, Old Story
10/14/2020 | Aleksandra Jones
Why are patients with AMD at greater risk of developing severe COVID-19?
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