Healing Together
05/14/2020 | Simon Arunga
How working with local healers can help avoid vision loss from microbial keratitis
Charity Versus COVID-19
05/19/2020 | Kola Ogundimu
How the outbreak has affected the activities of organizations trying to save sight
The Mother of Invention
05/20/2020 | Aleksandra Jones
Right now, the pandemic is radically changing the way we live our lives – but will it change the way ophthalmologists deliver care forever?
When Complications Strike
05/20/2020 | Sumitra Khandelwal
A guide to tackling complex cataract cases – triggered by pre-existing conditions or the surgeon – at the operating table
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EU MDR Preparations at a Glance

Pharmpur’s Chief Operating Officer, Helge Menz, gives insights on his companies approach to cope with the impact of European Union’s new Medical Device Regulation.
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Glaucoma: Building a New Future with AI

Anthony Khawaja, Louis Pasquale and Ellie Chabi explain how AI could improve glaucoma diagnosis processes, construct new glaucoma management models, and predict the disease’s progression rate. Read more

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