How valuable is it for vision science researchers to receive feedback directly from patients? As Luminita Paraoan, who we sat down with this month, puts it:

“It’s very important for researchers to see how the pathologies they work on affect people at different stages of vision decline. [Patients] have commented on how our findings have helped them in their daily routines. What is most important is that we all learn from each other.” To read a patient’s insight into a robotics project for precise retinal manipulations, check out our 2019 article, Robot Dreams. Do you think researchers should interact directly with patients? Let me know! Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor. 

Solving the RPE Puzzle
11/09/2020 | Aleksandra Jones
Sitting Down With… Luminita Paraoan, University of Liverpool, UK
On Kindness
11/03/2020 | Phoebe Harkin
We remember a giant of ophthalmology, Alan S. Crandall
The Night Watch
11/10/2020 | Aleksandra Jones, Phoebe Harkin
Understanding retinal adaptation in photoreceptor degenerative diseases could inspire future treatments
So Long, Lazy Eye
11/04/2020 | Phoebe Harkin
Is subanesthetic ketamine the cure for amblyopia?
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