Have you experienced any “bumps in the road” in your career pathway? Sarah Coupland, our summer Sitting Down With… guest, shares the story of her metaphorical and literal “bumps,” which didn’t stop her becoming one of the leading ocular pathologists in the world. Let me know about your obstacles and how you managed to overcome them at edit@theophthalmologist.com!

Until next time, Aleksandra Jones, Editor

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Transforming the Standard of Glaucoma Care with iStent inject® W Trabecular Micro-Bypass

The iStent inject® W is designed to restore physiological aqueous outflow pathway. With proven safety and efficacy, it is indicated for patients undergoing stand-alone glaucoma surgery or combined with cataract procedures, representing Glaukos’s new trabecular micro-bypass technology generation.

A Vision for Ophthalmic Pathology
Sitting Down With… Sarah Coupland, Professor and George Holt Chair of Pathology at the University of Liverpool, UK
Not So Alien Ant Farm
07/09/2021 | Gilad Litvin
Gilad Litvin introduces his latest medical device – a fully synthetic corneal implant that has returned a patient’s sight
Window of Exclusivity
06/16/2021 | Geoffrey Potjewyd
To sneak a peek at Alzheimer’s disease progression, it may be possible to look through the eye to assess changes in retinal vasculature
Ebb and Flow
07/05/2021 | Aleksandra Jones
Using OCT angiography to assess patients with sickle cell retinopathy before the disease progresses to irreversible vision loss
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Glaucoma: Going the Distance

Special series e-book, featuring content from – among others – Jonathan Myers, Keith Barton, and Chelvin Sng, explores the latest innovations in glaucoma education, detection, and management.
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