Do you play a musical instrument, sing, or even make your own music? Or do you know any ophthalmologists or vision researchers who do? Are you always listening to music in the OR or in your office?

We would love to hear from you! For 2022, we are planning a feature on clinicians and researchers who create or perform music, and we are launching a playlist that you can add songs to, and check what tunes your friends and colleagues are into! Anything goes, whether you’re into Baroque harmonies, R’n’B beats, folky fiddles, or atmospheric prog rock symphonies. Check it out, add your favourite musical pieces, and get in touch to let me know what you think! Until next time, Aleksandra Jones

What’s Under the Ocular Surface Disease Umbrella?
10/06/2021 | Elizabeth Yeu
Efforts should be made to diagnose OSD conditions correctly, so that when a new treatment arrives – we are ready to put it to work for our patients
Think of the Children!
10/01/2021 | Geoffrey Potjewyd
A UK survey highlights parents’ uncertainty over their children’s eyesight
Trust Your Gut
09/21/2021 | Geoffrey Potjewyd
Shifting the balance of the gut microbiome can throw off the balance of the gut-eye axis
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
09/17/2021 | Aleksandra Jones
Cooking with wood or coal can increase the risk of cataracts and conjunctiva disorders
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Shining a Light on Dry AMD - How Photobiomodulation is Helping Dry AMD Patients
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Creating a new standard in ophthalmic surgery visualization
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Clinical applications of hand-held OCT: Bringing the OCT to the patient and not the patient to the OCT
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SCHWIND ATOS® –the evolution of possibilities

The SCHWIND ATOS femtosecond laser enables minimally invasive lenticule extraction as well as flap creation in FemtoLASIK. Using innovative technology in refractive corneal surgery.

Taking Full Advantage of Automated Capsulotomy

Ramin Khoramnia outlines his experience with Teleon Surgical’s FEMTIS IOL family – and explains how better haptic design can help put success in the bag, taking full advantage of FLACS.

MINIject™ Supraciliary MIGS device

MINIject™ is iSTAR Medical's MIGS device for open-angle glaucoma. MINIject combines the unique porous structure of its proprietary STAR® material with the supraciliary space’s power to reduce IOP. Email us: 

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Nominations for The Ophthalmologist’s annual Power List are open and for 2022 we’ll be returning to our Top 100 format – but how do we decide who is featured on the final list? We don’t – you do! Nominate today!

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